AGs File Motion to Unseal Generic Drug Price Fixing Complaint


Attorney General Jim Hood joined a 44-state coalition in a motion Thursday to unseal their complaint against Teva Pharmaceuticals and 19 of the nation’s largest generic drug manufacturers. The complaint, filed on May 10 in U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut, alleges a broad conspiracy to artificially inflate and manipulate prices, reduce competition, and unreasonably restrain trade for more than 100 different drugs.

“The patients are the ones harmed by these companies’ greed, so they should be able to read on their own just how extensive this conspiracy is between the companies fixing their drug prices,” General Hood said. “These are every day drugs that Americans rely on. We’re asking the court to show America the startling evidence we’ve uncovered.”

This complaint is the second to be filed in an ongoing, expanding investigation, which may be the largest cartel case in the history of the United States. The first complaint was similarly filed under seal initially and later released in full with permission from the court.