AG Candidate Vows to Defend Anti-LGBT Taxpayer-Funded Adoption Agencies


If Mississippians make state Rep. Mark Baker their next attorney general, he vows to fight so that religiously-affiliated adoption agencies that accept state funds can continue to legally discriminate against LGBT families.

"Bowing to legal pressure from the leftist special interests like the (American Civil Liberties Union), other states have already begun to strip away provisions which protect a conservative group's religious beliefs and practices," the Brandon Republican said in the April 8 press release.

Under current law, religiously-affiliated adoption agencies in Mississippi that accept taxpayer funds can turn away LGBT families or even refuse to place LGBT children. The same is true in eight other states, including Alabama, Kansas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas and Virginia.

Michigan also allowed discrimination in taxpayer-funded adoption agencies until last month, when the state's attorney general reached a settlement with the ACLU, agreeing that adoption agencies in that state could no longer refuse to allow same-sex couples or LGBT people to adopt while taking state money.

"So, any group hostile toward Christian organizations which favor traditional marriages and families can now force religious groups to adhere to the left-wing agenda or get out of the arena," Baker said in Monday's statement.

The Michigan lawsuit, Baker claimed, was "a way to enable left-wing groups to force their secular, anti-religious beliefs upon all of society."

Susan Hrostowski, who is the vicar at St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church in Collins, Miss., and lives in Hattiesburg with her wife, disagrees.

"The beliefs Mr. Baker espouses are not shared by other Christians who follow the teachings and ministry of Jesus," she told the Jackson Free Press on Friday. "Jesus taught us to love and not judge. The religious beliefs of one sector of society should not be forced upon others through the government. The Bill of Rights and the First Amendment to the

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