A Special Thank You From a Soldier


In lieu of buying a lot of gifts this past Christmas, I chose to purchase care packages from Soldiers' Angels for our soldiers serving overseas and donate them in honor of my friends and family. It was a very small gesture on my part, compared to their great sacrifices, but I wanted to do something. Imagine my surprise today when I received a thank you letter via email from a corporal who received one of the donations. This soldier has a wife (living in another country), who does not have a DSN line on which to communicate and so the phone cards he received in the care packages were very helpful to him and her. This is his third deployment and he is so happy to have the phone cards to communicate with his family more often than the occasional email, as he did on his last two deployments. I'm so happy they are helpful to him and others. I did not even expect that the donor email would be given to him and that any of the recipients would have a way to contact me. However, now knowing how helpful these were to him, I going to send some more. Maybe you can join me by going to the Soldiers' Angels store and finding a care package that suits your budget or maybe just some AT&T phone cards. You can honor your friends/family and honor our military and their families. It will be a blessing to you even if you never hear from them.

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