45 Days That Rocked Our World


Bigger Pie Forum | 45 Days That Rocked Our World | Ashby Foote
In only 45 days America has gone from the premier model for capitalism to the best museum for capitalism.  The exhibits are everywhere for everyone to see — vacant malls, empty restaurants and bars, shuttered plants, closed campuses and schools, barely used airports, empty canyons of avenues and skyscrapers in cosmopolitan cities.  The country’s grandest sports venues stand silent and empty as forlorn as Rome’s Coliseum.  Meanwhile, doctors and nurses work feverishly under severe duress while hospitals plan for the worst with fear of being overwhelmed.  Adding to this bizarre post-apocalyptic moment are empty grocery store shelves not unlike Venezuela’s and churches closed while liquor and gun stores remain open.  And if that was not enough, the Army Corps of Engineers is now constructing a field hospital out of tents in New York City’s Central Park.
The headlines are all fear and panic, bordering on mass hysteria.  And the reality follows apace, the day after April Fools saw new jobless claims top 6 million for the week.  The biggest loss ever, making 10 million jobs lost over the past two weeks.
The catalyst for this breathtaking turn of events is, of course, the microscopic and invisible Coronavirus COVID-19.  The virus and the government’s action taken to address it are game changers.
The past fifty years have seen extraordinary scientific advances in medicine, medical technology, biotechnology and the sequencing of the human genome.  Yet despite much of this Nobel Prize winning knowledge, we find America confronting this global pandemic first and foremost with the primitive paradigm of ‘social distancing’.
Social distancing is the call to keep six feet of distance between people.  This protocol may be effective in its rudimentary way but the secondary effects are wide and deep.  Reasonably enforced, it should

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