Team Cindy Uses Trump Court Pick To Attack McDaniel


Conservatives across the country were overjoyed with the news that President Trump had appointed an originalist to the US Supreme Court.
For Senator Chris McDaniel, he graciously praised the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, warned of the coming Democratic onslaught, and left personal partisan causes off the table:

But not Team Cindy Hyde-Smith! No, the official Twitter feed of the her campaign team took the opportunity to bash Chris McDaniel, while McDaniel took the opportunity to praise the President. And, as you can see, CHS herself retweeted the Tweet:

This shows complete desperation on the part of Team Cindy! They are so afraid of Chris McDaniel that they feel the need to attack him at every turn. Tweets like these have the feel of unhinged Democrats more so than those of gracious Republicans, but since Cindy Hyde-Smith is a lifelong Democrat, the shoe fits perfectly!
Chris McDaniel has never been a “Never Trumper” and has supported what we know as the “Trump Agenda” before Donald Trump ever ran for President. Unlike Cindy Hyde-Smith, who as a lifelong Democrat voted for Hillary Clinton for President in 2008, Chris McDaniel is a lifelong conservative Republican who supports an “America First” agenda.

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