U.S. Chamber of Commerce Fears Chris McDaniel


I don’t dislike Cindy Hyde-Smith personally. I have never met her. I have observed her political career for several years and have seen a few things that give me pause.
One is her switching parties from Democrat to Republican in 2010. As the political winds began to blow into 2011, voters across the state were put off by the National Democrat Party and politicians from constables and sheriffs to judges and legislators switched to set their sails into the prevailing wind. Hyde-Smith was no different. She could sense the changes in the attitudes of the electorate and took the opportunity to change her party, but not her principles.
Second, and a more recent concern, is the backing she is getting from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. To date, the U.S. Chamber has spent roughly $1 million in either support of her candidacy, or to slander her opponent, Chris McDaniel, with countless more dollars to be spent as the election nears.  Earlier this year, a $375,000 smear campaign attacked and out-right lied about Sen. McDaniel on television stations across the state for a two-week period. Then, the Chamber released a poll conducted during this negative bout that showed Hyde-Smith in the lead, followed closely behind Mike Espy, the Democrat opponent. What wasn’t revealed openly is that the poll was conducted in Hinds County and the Delta to voters primarily 60+ years of age. McDaniel’s base of support was completely avoided.
Of course, the media ran with the story without ever looking into the details that led up to this absurd poll. This was a U.S. Chamber of Commerce tactic used to discredit a threat against their preferred candidate. This is the same tactic used against Gov. Matt Bevin, then-candidate against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in the 2014 election cycle in Kentucky. Any opportunity

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