Cindy Hyde-Smith Arrogant, Refuses To Debate Chris McDaniel


Ardent Chris McDaniel supporter Johnnie McInnis recently had the chance to ask Appointed Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith a question about a possible debate between all the candidates in the special election for US Senate on November 6. Here is “>her story in it’s entirety:
Y’all, I have never been so shocked in all my life. My husband and I went up to Jacinto today to see Chris McDaniel. Well, Cindy Hyde-Smith was there, too. She got to speak before Chris and she was talking about her being so Conservative and how she supported Trump and how she was FOR the WALL (of course leaving out the fact that she is backed by the Chamber of Commerce who is all for amnesty and letting ILLEGALS take our jobs, but I digress).
Well, after she had spoken, I caught up with her as she was getting ready to leave and I asked her VERY NICELY when they were going to have a debate. I said the people deserve to see all the candidates and where they stand. She said “I’ll think about it.” I said it’s important. Then she said “I’m ahead in the polls.” I said “That is a strange comment.” She said “we’re in it to win it.” I said, “At all costs, huh?” She repeated that she was in it to win it and gave me a hateful smile. She was all snarky and arrogant—kind of like, well, I was appointed and I’m ahead so I don’t have to debate. If I hadn’t been so shocked at her attitude, I would have asked her what polls she was ahead in—Democrat polls? But I was just too shocked to think that fast. If a camera had been on me when she said what she did, they would have caught me with my mouth

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