History Is On Trump’s Side With Travel Ban


The Supreme Court has ruled on Donald Trump’s “travel ban” that restricts immigration from seven foreign nations. After more than a year of legal fighting, the 5 to 4 decision upholds the President’s right to issue a ban on certain groups entering the country.
And, right on cue, liberals were quickly in meltdown mode, with the usual nonsense about Hillary “losing” the election and Senate Republicans stealing Obama’s Supreme Court pick in 2016.
Trump’s act was a “deeply disturbing ban based on discrimination,” wrote actor Josh Gad.
Mia Farrow tweeted: “Travel ban is born of this president’s xenophobia. Today’s Supreme Court ruling could further encourage fear and hatred among his followers. It also makes clear that we need laws to govern a tyrannical president.”
Rob “Meathead” Reiner tweeted: “With today’s Supreme Court ruling the slippery slope just got a whole lot more slippery. If we don’t want 242 years of self rule to slip into fascism, we’ll need the blue wave to overcome gerrymandering, Russian meddling & complicit media propaganda. Fight for Democracy! VOTE!!!”
Bette Midler tweeted: “Looks like the USA as we know it is over. RIP”
These egotistical ignoramuses act as if this has never happened before. But, as we’ve seen so many times since January 20, 2017, they scream and shout at many policies because it’s President Donald Trump in the White House.
Throughout history, the United States has followed three general immigration policies. The first is what can be called “Free Immigration,” a policy that lasted until 1882, which allowed anyone who could get to the United States to be admitted without restriction – no literacy test or any prohibitions against different ethnic groups.  But very few people came, perhaps no more than five million until after the Civil War because there weren’t many good reasons to come.
The second policy was “Exclusion,” beginning

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