She Was With Her: Cindy Hyde-Smith Lied About Support For Hillary in 2008


Don’t We Have Enough Lying Politicians In DC?
Just in case you might have missed it, we now have definitive proof that Cindy Hyde-Smith lied to the voters of Mississippi about who she voted for in 2008. In a previous article, we detailed the appointed senator’s answer to The Weekly Standard, when she claimed not to remember who she voted for in 2008 but that she was sure it wasn’t Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.
Here is her answer:
“You can leave a ballot blank, or you can vote for the third or fourth person on there that nobody knows because I assure you that I didn’t vote for either. That is just honestly the 100 percent truth. It was probably a no-name, but I still can’t remember who the no-name was. But it certainly wasn’t either one of them. Because you have so many folks who just, you know, their names on the ballot or you can have a write-in. That was, gosh, 10 years ago, and I have no idea what the name was.”
And, as we pointed out, she gave the Clarion Ledger a statement in 2016 that strongly hinted at support for Hillary:
“We are always supporting women. We want to promote women. I think women make great leaders.”
Now we have direct word from Rickey L. Cole, former chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party, via Facebook. According to him, Hyde-Smith supported Hillary Clinton for President:

The people of Mississippi need to understand one thing: Your appointed US Senator lied to you about who she supported for President in 2008. She did this because she is a lifelong Democratic wolf hiding in Republican sheepskin. She knows that the vast majority of Mississippians do not support nor do they like Hillary Clinton, so she chose to deceive you about her support.
Let that sink in:

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