Lessons in Liberal “Tolerance”


Liberal Democrats boast of many things but perhaps their most often used line is that they are “tolerant” and “inclusive.” They brag of their support of all people but, in reality, they are the most intolerant and the most exclusive political group in America today.
Just the past week or so is all the proof anyone needs of liberal intolerance. Since Russia has crashed and burned, and so has Stormy Daniels, the new topic for this week is Trump’s new “zero tolerance” policy on illegal immigration and the subsequent separation of children from parents and guardians.
Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Sanders, was asked to leave a restaurant in Lexington, Virginia known as “The Red Hen” because she worked for the Trump White House. She politely complied with management and left.
Trump’s DHS Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, was heckled while attempting to eat dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Washington. One of the protesters just so happened to be a paralegal in the Justice Department, who has, as of this writing, not been fired.
Hecklers have also protested in front of Nielsen’s home. One protester held a sign, apparently without a shred of irony, which stated “Love, Not Hate: That’s What Built America.”
Trump aide Stephen Miller faced protesters outside his Washington apartment, accusing him of being a white nationalist, committing crimes against humanity, promoting Nazism, and kidnapping children.
Miller, like Nielsen, also faced protesters at a Mexican restaurant in DC. The New Yorker then headlined a ridiculous piece entitled “The Absurdity of Kirstjen Nielsen and Stephen Miller Eating at Mexican Restaurants During an Immigration Crisis.”
Florida’s Attorney General, Pam Bondi, an avid Trump supporter, was harassed as she left a movie theater. One protester shouted, “You are a horrible person!”
Maxine Waters, one of the most radical members of Congress, as well as one of the most factually challenged,

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