Brett and the Barbours, Part 2? Favre Throws Support to Cindy Hyde-Smith


As Yogi Berra once said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” The Republican Establishment, in its zeal to take down Chris McDaniel, is sticking to the same old playbook they used four years ago. They’ve already dusted off some of the exact same attack lines and now they’ve turned once again to Brett Favre to help bail out Cindy Hyde-Smith, just as he did Thad Cochran in 2014.
In a new ad paid for by the US Chamber of Commerce, Favre announces that he’s backing Hyde-Smith “for the future of Mississippi.”

Why would Favre do this? As he said at the start of the ad, “I don’t like to talk politics.” Yet both times he has decided to “talk politics” he has done it in favor of Establishment candidates.
Could it be that he has yet to fully pay his debt to Haley Barbour for pardoning his brother in 2011 as Boss Hogg was headed out the door of the Governor’s Mansion? It’s quite likely the reason he came to the rescue of Cochran during the runoff campaign, as I wrote in Remember Mississippi, and perhaps it’s why he chose to help Hyde-Smith and the Chamber of Commerce now. At any rate, he has once again thrown his support behind the Establishment.
And remember what the Chamber of Commerce supports? It’s not the Trump Agenda. They hate what the President stands for. They support amnesty, open borders, global free trade, government bailouts for big business and Wall Street, and Common Core. And Trump is supporting the opposite of each of these policies.
Why would the Chamber spend millions in ads to target Chris McDaniel (and make no mistake he’s their biggest fear) and support Hyde-Smith? Because they know McDaniel supports the Trump Agenda fully and completely. Hyde-Smith will do their bidding and that of

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