Lyin’ Bill Crawford Continues To Distort McDaniel’s Record


Bill Crawford loves Cindy Hyde-Smith. It shows. All you have to do is read his column every week. But why would this be so? Perhaps because, like Hyde-Smith, Crawford is a lifelong Democrat? He supports globalism, free trade, big government, lots of spending, government control of education. You get the picture. He’s a liberal Democrat through and through. So he likes the recently appointed US Senator.
His frequent columns are designed to do two things: Support Democrats, as rare as they are becoming in Mississippi and around the South, and to prop up the next best thing – Establishment Republicans like Cindy Hyde-Smith. And he will use any and all means to accomplish his task – praise his cherished groups, rip apart real conservatives.
In his latest fantasy-filled harangue, “Lyin’ Bill” throws his support behind both of Mississippi’s US Senators, Roger Wicker and Cindy Hyde-Smith, as well as a few of the state’s up-and-coming Republican House members, while ripping everyone else.
The issue: military spending and how vital it is to Mississippi. “Mississippi bases, guard and reserve units, and defense industries do play important roles in our national defense. These military assets also provide good jobs. Having champions in Washington is absolutely critical to their survival. Mississippi voters should consider this in upcoming elections.”
Translation: Vote for Establishment Republicans Wicker and Hyde-Smith, for as of now, they are the only two who can prevent military bases and good jobs from leaving the state. “Neither of Hyde-Smith’s major challengers in the November special election to fill Cochran’s seat appears to stack up well regarding military assets,” he writes.
To Crawford, and the Establishment his steadfastly supports, dangerous conservatives will see to it that those vital components to the state’s economy are axed. And for Crawford the most dangerous conservative of all is Senator Chris McDaniel, a

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