Cindy Hyde-Smith Doesn’t Know Who She Voted For In 2008


A lengthy new article on Senator Chris McDaniel by Weekly Standard national correspondent Peter J. Boyer includes a very interesting quote from appointed US Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith. A lifelong Democrat who voted in the 2008 presidential primary, Hyde-Smith knows she will have real trouble with Mississippi voters over support for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, so her campaign of confusion has begun.
When asked the Big Question by Mr. Boyer, Hyde-Smith provided this gem:
“You can leave a ballot blank, or you can vote for the third or fourth person on there that nobody knows because I assure you that I didn’t vote for either. That is just honestly the 100 percent truth. It was probably a no-name, but I still can’t remember who the no-name was. But it certainly wasn’t either one of them. Because you have so many folks who just, you know, their names on the ballot or you can have a write-in. That was, gosh, 10 years ago, and I have no idea what the name was.”
So her position is essentially this: I don’t know who I voted for in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary but I know it wasn’t Obama or Hillary.
Boyer points out that Chris Dodd, Dennis Kucinich, and John Edwards were also on the ballot.
I’ve been voting since 1991, the year I turned 18. I voted in the Mississippi elections that year and in the presidential election in 1992. And I can tell you every single candidate I supported in the primary and the general election from then until now.
And I believe a candidate as smart as Cindy Hyde-Smith can do the same, especially a barnburner of an election just ten years ago. She just chose to conceal the truth from the voters with her answer. And that’s just another reason to send her home

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