About That Good Plaintiff Verdict

In the April Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter preview post, I commented on an $80k plaintiff verdict in a Harrison County car wreck case that seemed like a plaintiff win. Too much of a plaintiff win it turns out. Last week the trial court ordered a remittitur that knocks over $30,000 off the judgment. Here is […]

Tip of a Mudberg

Bigger Pie Forum | Tip of a Mudberg | Kelley Williams   The Titanic ran into an iceberg.  And sank.  The US Army Corps of Engineers has run into a “Mudberg.”  And its reputation is sinking.  Mudberg is a thirty-foot-high mound of sediments in the Mississippi River above Baton Rouge that restricts its flow.  It […]

Cindy Hyde-Smith just another faux conservative hiding behind a Republican label

BETRAYED: REPUBLICAN SENATORS WICKER, HYDE-SMITH VOTE DOWN BALANCED BUDGET BILL The Republican-led U.S. Senate soundly defeated Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) plan to balance the budget with spending cuts today, voting 21-76 not to take up the conservative senator’s legislation, known as the “penny plan.” Sen. Paul’s bill would have balanced the budget in five years […]

U.S. Debt – Entitlements and Grants

Bigger Pie Forum | U.S. Debt – Entitlements and Grants | BPF   The United States is more than $21 trillion in debt, thanks to the profligate spending of the U.S. Congress. Entitlements such as Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security are the biggest part of the problem. Dealing with their costs account for much of […]

Judicial Election Time

The deadline for running for judicial office has passed. Luckily for me, the topic has already been written about. Judge Primeaux covers the races for chancery court seats. The Clarion-Ledger covers the state and local races. My first impression is that there are more contested seats than usual. A number of sitting judges are not […]